Three years on

grampy trophy

Three years on today.

Remembering just one of the things my Grampy did best, which was winning trophies for pigeon racing.

Destination – Moroccan Surf Adventures


Maroc surf sea

moroc surf viewIn September me and my two friends Kat and Flora headed to Morocco to go surfing with Moroccan Surf Adventures.

It was a holiday of many, many great moments, delights and surprises:

  1. I found I could stand and even turn (mainly to the right) on a surf board – surprise
  2. Yoga at 7.30am is the most wonderful way to wake up and stretch after a hard days surfing – moment
  3. The great friendships you make during the chat’s, drinks and table tennis you play on the terrace – moment
  4. That I couldn’t paddle well to begin with but being with Said shouting ‘PADDLE!’ You learn quickly – surprise 
  5. Moroccan red wine goes very well with chef Momo’s amazingly delicious food every night – delight
  6. Rachid’s car with all the girls is the only way to travel – moment 
  7. The whole team at Moroccan Surf Adventures couldn’t be more welcoming, supportive and fun – delight
  8. Apparently I have a very serious surfing face – surprise

moroc surf surfing

Joanne surfing

The family feel, great food, supportive instructors and welcoming hosts make Moroccan Surf Adventures a great place to go and I can’t wait to go back.

Go, and take me with you!

Flora and Kat

signed surf board

Images taken by me


After surfing it’s always a pasty


So I went surfing in Morocco (more on that soon). One thing we learnt quickly is that surfing is a very physical activity and we would always welcome the ice cream man, sweet pastry selling man or lunch that was provided for us everyday. And when i say that I mean welcome it with open arms and hungry stomachs.

So this mixed media picture by Norfolkboy from particularly rang true when I came home and saw it! I just love he colourful blocks and how the illustration is combined.

Image source: Norfolkboy via

Drawing – pencil sketch of an eye

pencil eye drawing

So, it has been a while since I have blogged! But this weekend I did a 20 minute sketch of an eye. It looks a bit sad, maybe because i t is telling me I need to blog more…

Anyway I have been off to Morocco surfing, trekking and exploring, so have so much I want to document there and have lots of other things I want put up as well so the coming weeks  will be the start of that.

In the meantime it was fun to pick up a pencil and just sketch this, I have been wanting to do it for so long and although I didn’t have much time that day I just knew to take 20 minutes from my day would be nothing. And it felt great to do it. Much like with blogging!

Back soon with adventures of Morocco!

Image taken by me.

New Designers 2013

Beth Lamont Tree Top Balloon3_905

As I said a year ago, I love the New Designers show. I thought this year was particularly good and a few exhibitors really caught my eye. The first was Beth Lamont – I loved her ceramic hot air balloons. The delicate nature of them with the silver works really well and I love the pattern on the balloon as well.

Chloe Emma Textiles  burnt feathers

Chloe Emma Textiles bones

I also loved the raw nature of these burnt feathers from Chloe Emma. The contrast between their delicate and rough nature and the white background is simple but beautiful. I also love these bones and how their are wound with thread as well. Not something I would normally go for but they are so interesting.

Image sources:

Beth Lamont

Chloe Emma Textiles

It’s a boy!

Baby Boy Cardigan Bowtie Onesie for a Preppy Baby Boy

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the arrival of their baby boy at 16.24 today.

It is lovely to see everyone really excited!

Image source:

Baby boy cardigan bowtie onesie by groovyapplique via Etsy

Style – Mineralogy Design jewellery

pyrite necklace


These rough gemstone necklace and earrings are just gorgeous. I love the different minerals combined in the necklace with the vintage chain. The earrings are perfect for wearing something simple but just a bit more interesting.

I love the combination of different surfaces as well – very on trend!

Image sources:

Grey agate freeform chrysoprase and pyrite necklace 

Rough peruvian pyrite prong set earrings

Style – wedding outfits

maxi floral dress

Blue beaded tea dress

This weekend I finally finished getting my dresses for my two weddings this year. It took a while and I had many returns but I have two dresses and the accessories for the first one at least – which is good since my brother’s wedding is this Saturday – Ekk!


Image sources:

Floral maxi dress from Zara

Blue beaded tea dress from Miss Selfridge

Curiosities of the week – a wedding dress hen do

wedding dress hen do

Becca’s hen do consisted of us all dressing up in wedding dresses and heading out in Oxford.

Needless to say we had a lot of attention everywhere we went but it was also a lot of fun :)

Love the vintage styles by all the girls.

Image take by me


Design – Alice Fox, Gifts from the Pavement

Alice Fox - Gifts from the Pavement

Last weekend I went to the Saltaire arts trail in Yorkshire. I was there to see my friends new baby Martha Belle (could the name be any cuter?!)

It was great to spend some times going round the open houses and one of the exhibitions included Alice Fox’s Gifts from the Pavement. The image above doesn’t do the exhibition justice. The display included so many textured and marked papers from the pavements of Saltaire and they were beautiful.

So simple and the tactile quality that appeared was just amazing. All of the pieces worked so well with all of them surrounding the room in a great layout. It was just lovely to be in there surrounded by something so simple but interesting.

Image source: